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A list of personal tools & resources

I have used all of the products listed here and find them to be of the highest value. 


A list of personal tools & resources

I have used all of the products listed here and find them to be of the highest value.

Dealing with family Struggles

A significant part of healing comes with accepting that this is a part of life: recognising there are some relationships that are so poisonous that they destroy one’s ability to be healthy.

Explores the various aspects of estrangement & helps identify resilience, strengths, and strategies which individuals may harness as they attempt to live with estrangement.

A powerful book helping parents break free from emotional pain—and move forward in their own lives. Especially helps mothers regain their health and happiness.

Family therapist Mark Sichel addresses the pain and shame connected with family rifts and offers a way through the crisis and on toward healing and fulfillment.

Whether you want to reconcile a relationship that has ended, improve a relationship that is difficult or distant, or learn the skills you need for dealing with the inevitable conflicts we all face in life, this book will teach you to mend troubled relationships and find peace.

Offers insight, empathy, and perspective to those who have lost the opportunity to be the parent they desperately wanted to be and who are mourning the loss of a harmonious relationship with their child.

An insightful and relevant new exploration of estrangement for both parents and adult children. Each chapter also provides compassionate, practical tips focused on what both parents and adult children can do.

Exercises, examples, and sample scripts empower parents who have felt powerless. Gilbertson shows that reconciliation is a step-by-step process, but the effort is well worth it. It is never too late to renew relations and experience better-than-ever bonds.

Using letter writing as a primary tool, this story of a healing journey is a handbook for communicating tangible and intangible gifts to our young ones. Discover how to transcend invisibility, heal separation, and transform negative energy to forgiveness.

Constructive Wallowing is the first book to cut right to the chase, bypassing descriptions of Eastern philosophy and meditation techniques to teach readers how to accept and feel their feelings with self-compassion for greater emotional health.

A memoir of horror and humor, "The Crocodiles Will Arrive Later" tells the story of growing up in mid-century suburban Los Angeles. It is a story of hope and learning how to let go of a painful past to create a very different future.

Tackling a subject that is achingly familiar to almost everyone, especially in an era when powerful outside forces such as technology and mobility are lessening family cohesion, Dr. Pillemer combines dramatic stories, science-based guidance, and practical repair tools to help people find the path to reconciliation.

Labeled a silent epidemic by a growing number of therapists and researchers, estrangement is one of the most disorienting and painful experiences of a parent's life. While estrangement is a complex and tender topic, Dr. Coleman's insightful approach is based on empathy and understanding for both the parent and the adult child.

"Surviving the Toxic Family" is a valuable book for anyone trying to recover from the devastating effects of growing up in a toxic or dysfunctional family. Drawing on engaging case studies, this book shows you how it is possible to recover from the trauma associated with a toxic family and leads you through the process to complete recovery.

This book discusses everything from acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, self-love, and the importance of letting go and honoring your own life.
Providing both straightforward assistance and much-needed empathy for those facing family alienation and estrangement, this book helps you move forward, while offering tools for healing and creating more love and peace in your life.


Responding compassionately to our own imperfections, without judgment or self-blame, are essential steps on the path to healing.

 A book for grieving people, those who love them, and all those seeking to love themselves—and each other—better.

The bestselling self-help classic that has helped millions—promoting positive mental attitude as a key to personal success.

A memoir of loss and survival, denial and fear, optimism and coping strategies, Grateful for the Color Blue is a compassionate outreach to anyone who has lived through loss and needs to know they are not alone.

Dr. Neff’s extraordinary book offers exercises and action plans for dealing with every emotionally debilitating struggle, be it parenting, weight loss, or any of the numerous trials of everyday living.

Supportive, insightful and healing. Jan Warner draws on her own extensive experience and the experiences of the 2 million followers on her Grief Speaks Out Facebook page to offer hope in its most practical form.

This compassionate guide will enable you to: Make sense out of the chaos,
Stand up for yourself and assert your needs,
Defuse arguments and conflicts and 
Protect yourself and others from violent behavior.

This book explains behaviors of people who have personality disorders, particularly blaming, irrational, and impulsive behaviors. A great guide to help prevent everyday problems from becoming high conflict disputes.

A powerful book about how our thoughts can impact our health - and ultimately lead to healing. 
"If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed."

Whether you’re looking to improve your relationship with your spouse, navigate difficult conversations at work, or connect on a deeper level with friends and family, this book delivers simple, practical, proven techniques for improving any relationship in your life.

Pathological Positivity is an empowering mental supernormality that lifts us above the normal perception of “reality.” It is a higher level of thinking. We see the glass, and our lives, as completely full – even in the toughest situations.

Most of what we tell ourselves is negative, counterproductive, and damaging, preventing us from enjoying a fulfilled and successful life. 
Learn how to reverse the effects of negative self-talk and embrace a more positive, optimistic outlook on life!

Motivation & self-improvement

In this book, you’ll learn:- How to build a strong support system to heal and rebuild your life.- How to regain balance when everything in your life is thrown out of sync.- The tools and practices to gain confidence and peace to live your best life.- How to foster and grow healthier and more fruitful relationships that bless your life.- What to do to cultivate health and wholeness in all four areas of your life (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical)

Success Equations: A Path to Living an Emotionally Wealthy Life identifies the behavioral patterns that will lead readers into success in health, wealth, and lasting happiness. Those striving for success can follow certain formulas, cultivate them as virtues, and greatly increase their chances of living authentically wealthy lives.

Light Is the New Black is a guidebook for a new breed of women who are here to be bright lights in the world – modern-day lightworkers, who agreed to be here at this time in history. In order to thrive in this new age, everything we do must be an authentic expression of who we truly are.
Light Is the New Black will guide you back home to the callings of your soul, so you can light up the world with your presence.

How to get unstuck, trust in your own worth and ability, and become a strong, capable, wonderful and brilliant YOU.

Learn how to eliminate debilitating fear from your life and embrace a worry-free future.

No matter your goals, Atomic Habits offers a proven framework for improving - every day.

Writing from deep, been-there experience, Trent walks you on a journey to become the best hope-filled version of yourself. In The Greatest You, Trent takes you through the necessary steps to become everything you are meant to be.

Whether you want to get more done, lead others better, develop skill faster, or dramatically increase your sense of joy and confidence, the habits in this book will help you achieve it faster.

Identify and change the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that stop you from getting what you want, Create a life you totally love. And create it NOW!

Plant-based diet & health

A vast wealth of insight and information into a one-stop resource for cleansing of all kinds. #1 New York Times Best Seller.

 If you think a healthy vegan diet means giving up pasta in creamy sauce, cheesy pizza, and luscious tiramisu, think again! (We definitely use and love this cookbook!)

Mouthwatering recipes that are supermarket friendly and respect how busy most readers are. So yummy!

Business & finance

This amazingly insightful book reveals how to grow your company online. Invaluable information!

This book shares the secrets for how to convert your online visitors into lifelong customers.

This book dives deep into how to increase traffic to your website and connect with your dream customers.

I am a proud affiliate for all the products recommended and may earn a small commission from your purchase. I only recommend products that I have used myself and that I have found to be of the highest value for self-improvement.

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